Chinese media called the place where the Third World War will begin

Journalists predicted the consequences of the NATO attack on Kaliningrad.

Chinese media called the place where the Third World War will begin

NATO’s previously unprecedented activity near the western borders of Russia has recently raised concerns of the world media, and the alliance, in turn, is spreading initiatives, calling it deterrence of Russian aggression.

 According to the forecasts of Western journalists, it is from this Baltic city that the Third World War can begin.  In this case, most often in the position of the "warring" parties put Russia and the forces of the North Atlantic Alliance.

 However, this time, experts from the Chinese portal Eastday made their forecast.  The capture of Kaliningrad will happen, according to Chinese journalists, in the event that a military conflict occurs in the Baltic states between NATO and Russia.  It was then that the alliance forces allegedly capture the former Königsberg in 48 hours.

 According to journalists, Russia will go on the offensive and strike five to eight European capitals over the next five days.  That is how the conflict will escalate from regional to global level.  This may begin the Third World War.

 Chinese journalists, at least with regard to Kaliningrad, are supported by American Richard Hooker, a senior fellow at the Jamestown Foundation in America.  His report says that the military aggression of the Russian Federation against the Baltic states will “cost” it the Kaliningrad region.  At the same time, the reason why this situation should happen, Hooker did not name, saying that Moscow allegedly has plans for this region.

 In turn, the head of the Kaliningrad region, Anton Alikhanov, compared Hooker's report with "tabloid fantasy."  The governor noted that he was "tired of commenting on American nonsense."

 Recall that earlier the Russian Foreign Ministry previously expressed concern about the possibility of a new arms race, because, according to the agency, in 2019 the spending of NATO countries will exceed $ 1 trillion - an amount that exceeds half the global defense spending.  Also, they are more than twenty times the budget of Russia for these purposes.